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Is every coffee you're serving as good as it could be? Flow gives you the visibility to take control of your coffee offering, to ensure every coffee you serve makes your customers day.

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Analytics Dashboard
Designed for every device
or web browser.
Analytics on Every Shot!
See whether your baristas are matching the recipe you've set.
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The Flow system consists of 3 parts:
The Flow Device, the Real-time Gauges, and our Analytics Dashboard.



Easily integrated with a wide range of volumetric coffee machines.


Captures and analyses data from the coffee machine in real time.

Flow Coffee Device Internals


Mounted discreetly with no permanent modifications required to your machine.


Communicates via the Internet with the Analytics Dashboard (requires an Internet connection).


A small internet connected device that's integrated with your espresso machine.



Mount one of the many modern displays or devices near the coffee machine for useful feedback.


Each shot poured is shown on the shot clock, with clear feedback whether it met the recipe or not

Flow Coffee Device Recipes


Train your baristas using immediate feedback on shot times, recipe adherence and grinder settings.


A display that gives baristas immediate feedback on whether the recipe is being met or not.



Globally accessible dashboard with every short poured stored for analysis.


See how your store (or stores) are performing on a number of key metrics.

Flow Coffee Device Desktop Analytics


Review stores, days and busy periods to identify trends and issues.


Receive daily reports of your stores key metrics, and keep up the play.


A web based dashboard that give you visibility of every sites performance.

How data can help baristas make better coffee.

Is data the next big thing for professional baristas?

Dr Adam Carr takes a look at the new 'Flow' device, which makes traditional espresso machines 'smart'.


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Flow has helped us understand exactly what is happening in our business at any time. Having visibility over all day-parts, barista’s, machines and across all our sites we are confident we are delivering more consistent and better quality coffee to our customers.

David Mule
The Cafe Collective

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Our goal is to have 200 of our café partners using this update to our Perfect Pour program by the end of 2021.
We know from experience that consistently delivering exceptional coffee is the key to growing café businesses.

Adam Carr
Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

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We're seeing big gains through using Flow. With visibility on what's working for us, and where we can improve, our baristas, barista trainers and technicians are more effective and responsive to changes than ever before.

Chris White
Altura Founder, WBC Head Judge

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Flow has become an integral element in our coffee quality management, and we are extending it to our existing sites.

Kerry Forde
Head of BP Retail



The Flow System uses technology to deliver the Holy Grail for any café — consistency.

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Can you integrate into my coffee machine?
If you are using a traditional volumetric machine, the answer is almost certainly yes. Flow has been integrated into many different manufacturers machines and to date, we have not found one that we could not integrate with.
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What does the onboarding process look like?
Once the unit is installed, we will then take your key personnel through the online training programme. The data that Flow provides is clear and very easy to understand.
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Professional design
The main pillars of recipe being dry dose, yield and time will determine the flavour in the cup. Your roaster will have put a lot of time into creating the perfect balance of these 3 pillars. At the retail level, it is imperative that the recipe parameters are being met in order to deliver your clients a high-quality flavour experience.
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Will the system require ongoing servicing?
No, Flow can be remotely updated, and there is no need for physical servicing.
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How much does Flow cost?
Flow is less than the price of one coffee per day. We tailor pricing to each individual business case.
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What is the ongoing cost?
Monitoring of the system starts at £45.00 + VAT per month per site. This gives you access to the dashboard and all the custom reports.
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Ready to purchase?
The Flow system is available throughout the UK/Eire from our exclusive distributor – ‘Brew It Group’ We also offer the option to become a distributor.



Special Offer: First 50 customers get 2 months free monitoring (excludes installation - min. 12 month contract) - Click start below and fill out the form to apply.



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Flow Coffee Telemetry – Improve Consistency – Results Guaranteed!

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Minimising Error In The Matrix Of A Perfect Cup Of Coffee...

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